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Celebrate Brain Disease Awareness Month

June marks a whole month-long occasion to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s and dementia since it is Brain Disease Awareness Month. Such a momentous occasion is a great time to get started with advocating for this disease or kick your efforts into high gear! Here are a few of the action steps that you can take.

The Longest Day event

Saturday, June 20th is the longest day of the year and the summer solstice in the United States. The Alzheimer’s Association hosts an event on this day called The Longest Day. The organization encourages participants to organize an event that they can do, like a basketball tournament or a knit-a-thon. They also encourage participants to recruit others to participate and donate money to the cause, as you fight the darkness on the lightest day of the year. Consider what you might be able to do if you participate.

Visit your representative

United States members of congress can allocate funding to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Your individual state legislatures also control funding to services utilized by those who have Alzheimer’s. Both legislative bodies create laws that can influence treatments and services available to your community. In the month of June, chances are that your representatives will be in their district offices. Pop onto websites like GovTrack.us and OpenStates.org to identify your representatives and their local offices. Pop in and tell them that Alzheimer’s funding is important to you. Tell them about your life and what services you need. If you can’t go in person, you can make a phone call, write a letter. These measures will go far!

Educate your community

You are your own best advocate. Take the time during the month of June to share your story with those who are around you. Talk about it with friends and family, post awareness messages on social media, reference documentaries and books about Alzheimer’s in conversations throughout your day.

Take the time to share your passion and drive with the world this June.

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