Ivy Farina

Alzheimersdisease.net community advocate Ivy FarinaIvy was previously an advocate on AlzheimersDisease.net.

At every point in my life I have loved family members suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Firstly, with my great grandmother when I was a child, then with my great aunt as a teenager, and now most recently with my grandmother and other great aunt as a young adult. I’ve watched my grandmother care for her mother and both her sisters, and my mom (also a contributor on this site) take care of my other grandmother. This intergenerational story has been heartbreaking and powerful to be a part of. The strength of the women in my family is undeniable, their love unconditional, and I am so thankful to be amongst them.

I recently moved home to Connecticut from San Francisco where I lived for six years, to help with the care of my grandmother who had been suffering with Alzheimer’s for eight years before her passing. I’ve done my best to learn from my family how to care for people going through the Alzheimer’s process and I hope that through sharing with the Health Union community I can be a resource in the same way.

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