Nancy Craker-Yahman

Alzheimers disease community advocate Nancy Craker-Yahman Nancy Craker-Yahman is an educator with years of international teaching experience. She resides in Massachusetts with her family and is a current teacher mentor supporting university students through their final teaching practicum. As a travel fan, she shares insight into her global excursions and teaching and learning experiences with audiences near and far. Nancy volunteers in her community and enjoys spending her spare time supporting school service-learning projects.

One of three daughters to a father who passed from Alzheimer's disease, Nancy and her sisters, residing in varying locations in the United States, were caregivers to their father at differing stages of the disease for many years. Nancy admires her mother, sisters, and extended family's strength. Each day, they found courage when caring for him, and she's forever grateful for the support they provided one another when they needed family and personal time.

Being able to care for her father as his Alzheimer's progressed was not without hardship. Nancy wasn't the only family member to feel like she was running on empty. However, the support of her sisters, caring friends, her father's medical team, and research of the disease was time well spent. As a caregiver and advocate for her father and those suffering from the illness, Nancy experienced brighter and more content moments than the latter. She carries with her memories that will last throughout her lifetime.

Nancy is an avid writer who takes photos to accompany her thoughts. Her pictures offer a glimpse into her written words from the heart. Nancy writes so that her experiences can resonate with her readers, hoping they provide a connection, shared thoughts, and a better understanding.

Nancy's writing has been published in the Reserve & National Guard magazine, The International Educator,, and Gonomad.

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