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Dementia - Ideas for getting out of the house?

I just started taking care of an 87 yo lady and her kids said she has dementia. For 7 years I've taken care of Alzheimer's patients. This lady can do a lot by herself just can't remember a lot. Her family wants me to get her out to go eat, or go to Walmart. She's refusing and I wonder what I can do.

  1. Hi Vickig, Walmart can be a lot for people with sensory issues on the best of days. Maybe a less crowded venue would be interesting to her, like a local park or garden. We have a local arboretum, it has some lovely, easy paths, as well as a pond with ducks and koi, and some beautiful gardens. Maybe a small cafe type eatery or local coffee house would entice her. It would be smaller, better lit and less crowded. Those are just a couple of ideas. Maybe she's mentioned a place that she misses. Let us know what you try and what works! -Warmly, Donna (team member)

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. Today I actually got her to go to Half price books store and she bought a book. Yes!

      1. Hi @Vickig, that's a win! And for some reason, I'm so pleased she got a book! That's also a nice, quiet place, with lots of things to explore at your own pace. Great choice, and thanks for sharing your success - (((hugs))), Donna (team member)

    2. I take my husband to the mall. It’s a great easy place to walk with a walker and it gives him much needed exercise. We are going during the day when it’s quiet. Plenty of places to sit also.

      1. That's a great idea. She's always been pretty active so this could definitely be a big help.

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