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Heart Health and Alzheimer's

Research continues to lean into the importance of heart health and its connection to Alzheimer's.

As either a caregiver or an individual living with Alzheimer's disease, have you found yourself taking your heart health more seriously since diagnosis? What do you do to enhance your heart health?

  1. I have been thinking about my overall health. I have to stay in shape to meet the physical demands of caring for my mom. Just being able to squat down and help with her pull-up or shoes is important. I need to be quick on my feet and have fast reactions to catch her when her toe hits the curb and she looses her balance. My son told me I need to take care of myself, or they will be lost taking care of grandma. I owe it to my whole family to do what I can. I matter, too.

    As far as my mom, I try to keep her otherwise healthy, to minimize complications. I try to give her healthy meals and limit extra salt. I try to get her to exercise. I'm thinking of her heart and her whole health. She takes a low dose aspirin and blood pressure meds to keep that in check, as well as fish oil, vitamin D and a multivitamin. We also try to keep stress to a minimum. All these things play into heart health.

    Thanks for the question. Sorry it took so long to answer. How about you? Blessings, Kathy M team member.

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