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Seeking support: Difficulties maintaining my job

A community member recently reached out for support ...

My mother started showing signs of dementia in her early 40s. She died at 62. Her two brothers also died of it in their early 60s. I am now 49 and am waiting on a Dr. Appointment in June. I am a registered nurse with a Masters's Degree and can not hold a job. I am on my third attempt to maintain one.

I am looking for support from people who are going through the same thing. Financial advice would be good too!

  1. I just ran across your comment. How are you? What's the latest? As a RN, you have accomplished a lot! That's very impressive. With your family history, you sound a little scared. I don't blame you, but there are a lot of factors. What do your doctors say? We look forward to hearing from you. We have a lot of resources. I hope we can encourage you. Blessings, Kathy M team member.

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