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Planning for our financial future

My husband is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and we are looking for a financial planner or elder care lawyer. What should we be looking for?

  1. Hi , thank you for posting your question. It's great that you are being so proactive and looking for a financial planner or lawyer in the early stages. Here is an article that should help on the topic: Let me know if you have any other questions on the topic. I will pass this forum along to our caregiver advocates who can give their input too. Warmly, Elizabeth ( team member0

    1. Thank you! We did find a highly recommended elder care lawyer and have an appointment next week. I printed the article to read later today.

  2. thanks so much for reaching out. I see my fellow team mate Elizabeth sent a really great article link on the financial/medical legal planning process. I actually wish I would have had that article as a resource. Hope you find it helpful.
    When I went through getting my loved one's financial and medical wishes in order, I did some research and asked around about which elder care lawyers in the area came with high recommendations. Best of luck to you during this process. Please keep us posted. Just Keep Swimming...Lynn Marie, " Team Member"

    1. Thank you!

  3. Your welcome! Reach out anytime. Hope your appointment with the elder Care attorney was informative and helpful. Best to you Bev! Just Keep Swimming...Lynn Marie, " Team Member"

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