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What are alternatives to saying "remember"?

Words like, "remember" can be triggering to a person who is living with Alzheimer's disease. While the intention behind the word can be innocent enough - "Did you remember to take your medication?" "Did you remember to take out the trash?" it can sometimes be hurtful to the person who desperately just wants to remember.

We want to hear from you, what are some alternatives to saying "remember"?

  1. I'm not sure but I go through this alot with my younger sister.. I just say sorry no since my breakdown I don't remember. It makes me sad sometimes and she doesn't understand. What would be some other ways to say remember"?

    1. This is a sentiment that we hear a lot in our community and I think it is hard for both sides. I'm sharing an article that our team member, Holly, wrote Holly was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago and shares her experiences in hopes to help others. Take a read - I think it will resonate with you. And, I'd love to hear other community members' suggestions for alternatives to "remember." Sending you my best, Patty, Team Member

    2. : I recall trying to stay in the moment when talking to my father, especially with his short-term memory issues. Dad could easily recall past experiences and stories from his childhood, but asking him to remember to do something rarely occurred independently. I did my best to speak with Dad in the here and now and show him examples and things to do instead of saying, remember. For example, instead of saying remember, it's time to brush your teeth, I would show him his toothbrush and guide him to the bathroom to complete this task. Nancy Team member

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