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Taking Care of My Husband, Alone

I am taking care of my husband because he has early memory loss. I don't know English much. I am Vietnamese, so sometimes I have a hard time understanding what he wants. I only found out sometimes I'm very tired. I'm trying. I don't have relatives in the US.

  1. Hi . Thank you for sharing. It can be so difficult to care for your loved one, and it sounds like you have an added communication challenge which can be challenging and exhausting. I know you don't have any relatives in the US but do you have any other support systems? I know many people get support from their church or faith group. Would you be able to talk with your husband's doctor? Depending on where you live, there may be language support systems that could be helpful. I am hoping that community members will jump in with some other suggestions. In the meantime, if there are any specific questions that you have to help/support your husband, please let us know. Warmly, Patty ( Team Member)

    1. I really applaud you for your efforts to care for him despite the challenges. I appreciate your love and care. Thank you for inspiring all of us. Scott team member

      1. , I understand feeling alone when you are far from your family. Your culture is very family=centric, so that has to be harder. Have you reached out to They have navigators who can help you connect with someone who speaks Vietnamese, French or Khmer and can help provide support.

        I also noted your comment to another post saying that you sometimes have trouble reading the articles. Copy the link to the article, then visit, enter the link in the left hand bpx and they will translate the article from English to the language of your choice.

        I hope these help, and please know you're not alone. We're here to help, share resources, or just to listen. Sending love and light. - Warmly, Donna (team member)

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