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When your loved on Acts NORMAL in front of others!

Have you ever shared your loved one's Alzheimer's behaviors only to have them step up and act perfectly normal in front of friends and family?

  1. Oh my heavens yes. I am getting real tired of people saying "You'd never know" or "Are you sure?" Of course I'm sure you idiot. I didn't just decide to have him leave his job or leave mine and go on disability because he "might" have Alz. (Seriously, I'm not that brave.....or that stupid.....depending on your opinion of me. Plus we were accepted into a clinical trial....pretty sure they know their stuff about diagnosing.)
    I feel as if his siblings (or our son who lives out of state) don't quite believe me when I say I notice him getting worse... they'll say "He's always been quiet" or something like that. But I live with him and I notice the little things...and each one breaks a little piece of my heart off each time I notice.

    1. energy and hugs made it here! Many thanks….

    2. Good morning, @Elizawesmom, so glad to hear it! I'll keep some pointed in your direction! Hope today is a great one 😀 -m Warm (((hugs))), Donna (team member)

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