How to Show Support to a Friend Grieving Loss

Grieving is one of the most difficult processes that any person can go through. When someone close to you is mourning, it can be hard to know how to best support them.

It's natural to want to show your care and compassion, but finding the right way to express that can be difficult. Here are some thoughtful condolence gifts and actions you should consider if your friend is experiencing loss.

Order food or groceries

It's common for people who are grieving to not feel like cooking or grocery shopping. Show your support by ordering food from their favorite restaurant or sending them a grocery delivery with the essentials they need for meals at home.

This kind gesture goes beyond just providing sustenance — it shows your friend that you care about their well-being and want to ensure they have what they need during this time.

Send flowers or a plant

Flowers are a traditional way of showing sympathy, and it's still an effective gesture today.

A beautiful bouquet will not only add much-needed color to the home of someone grieving, but it will also let your friend know that you're thinking of them during this difficult time. You may even include a heartfelt note expressing your condolences along with the bouquet.

Give a spa kit

Self-care is incredibly important when trying to heal from grief. A spa kit filled with luxurious bath items such as body wash, bubble baths, face masks, and essential oils will help encourage your friend to take some time out for themselves and relax in the comfort of their own home.

Knowing that you've thoughtfully provided them with something specifically designed for relaxation can be incredibly comforting during this time.

A weighted blanket

Weighted blankets have long been useful tools for relieving anxiety and stress, making them perfect gifts for those who are going through times of deep sorrow or difficulty sleeping due to grief.

Weighted blankets help me by providing gentle pressure on the body, which helps soothe my senses and lower cortisol levels, allowing me to achieve deeper sleep more quickly than usual.

Letting someone know that you want them to get some restful sleep will go a long way in helping them heal during this tough time in their life.

Check in

In addition to these thoughtful condolence gifts, check in on your friend regularly via text or phone call just so they know that you care about how they are doing emotionally and physically during this process of mourning their loss.

If possible, try reaching out if they seem distant or disconnected from life — taking them out on a walk or encouraging them to interact socially could really help lift their spirit during this trying time in their lives! Showing love and compassion is always appreciated when someone is dealing with loss.

These small gestures could mean more than anything else during this period of healing! Comment below if you decide to implement any of the suggested gifts or gestures.

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