My 96 Year Old Mother is Now in the Terrible 2's

I understand that mom is unable to control her actions and I try to control my reactions but mother is in the terrible 2's. Everything is "NO" and I have had to use the skills that I used raising my 5 children. You learn to overlook the constant "No". I will not eat! I will not exercise! I will not bathe! I will not do anything but sit and you can't tell me what to do!

I pray constantly asking God to help me remember and be compassionate as I watch mother dwindle away. Besides Alzheimer's mother is completely healthy, always wanted to live to be 100 and so I believe she will. I am constantly focused on her care, even when others are caring for her and I'm unclear if I will out live her. Alzheimer's feels like a family curse. Thanks for listening.

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