Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

My wife has dementia but her doctor has not determined what type. At first he thought it may be due to hydrocephalus. He did a spinal tap with no positive results. Now he's looking at the possibility that it may be Parkinson's disease dementia. He started her on a low dose medication for 30 days, then will evaluate the results. I am suffering with stress and high anxiety.

Stress and anxiety

I am waiting for insurance approval for professional therapy/counseling. I am the sole caregiver with some assistance from family.

We live with our daughter and her family. Our daughter is unable to be involved due to her own health issues. My son in law and grandchildren are a great help but the majority of care is my responsibility. My wife has lost most of her motor functions and can't walk or stand without assistance. She uses a walker inside and a wheelchair when we leave home.

I am experiencing lower back pain caused by lifting her. I am very discouraged and feel helpless. I have a problem with being patient with her as she is very demanding.

Can you relate?

What helps you cope with the stress and anxiety from caregiving?

This is my story.

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