Denny's Last Ride

My cowboy husband on his last ride this last weekend. It was a very heartwarming day as some of our friends came and took him for about a 2-3 mile ride. He’s on my horse because I knew she would be gentle with him. He actually trained her for trail riding. She took such good care of him as did his friends.

The down side is it forced me to make the decision for this to be his last ride. He didn’t have a clue how to mount or dismount his horse. Once he was on, he rode like a champ but was uneasy being too close to the horses when he was off.

Happy that I got a lot of pictures and videos of his ride. It made my heart happy to see him on the horse again and I’m sure he enjoyed it even though he didn’t remember it at all.

On to the next adventure taking one day at a time 💜

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