Fun with Art

Purple flower

Once upon a time, my sweet student was really mad. She said her daughter wouldn't let her buy a house she liked. I said, "No worries! We'll find you a dream house." I gave her colorful paper, and we tore it into bits. I showed her pictures of beach houses, and she picked one she loved.

We glued and pasted the paper to make flowers that she could put in her new home's living room. By the end, she was super happy with a big smile. Who knew tearing paper and making art could be so enjoyable? That's how we turned a house problem into a funny and artsy adventure! 🎨😄


Long ago, during my 29 years as an art teacher, I had a fun time with some Alzheimer's students. One day, four of them joined me for a painting session. Excited to get creative, I handed out paintbrushes, but one of them said, "I can't." The others quickly agreed, saying, "We can't." Not giving up, I gave them q-tips and asked, "Can you make a dot?" They all happily said "Yes!"

So, we started making dots on the paper. After putting just five dots, one of them stopped. I asked, "Why did you stop?" She casually replied, I am taking a break to rest and recover from making dots. In the midst of laughter, we crafted a pattern with five dots and then took a well-deserved break.

This is our story.

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