Home Care in Middle Stage

My husband loves people and is compulsive in his communication. When he had better thinking skills, he created a document of "His Story" and he starts a conversation with strangers by sharing this with others. The first line tells that he has Alzheimer's so the transition is fairly easy, and we have had no negative feedback. When we are at a restaurant, he will get up multiple times to visit other tables while they are eating. His conversations are appropriate, but it makes me nervous. Because of this, I don't like to take him out to eat as often, even though it is one of his favorite things to do (mainly because of all the people he can talk to. HaHa)

Thursdays with Jeff

God has graciously given us a seminary student to come every Thursday to take John out to lunch and keep him occupied for around four hours--He is my Home Health Aide. He seems to love being with John, and John considers him a friend even though he knows we pay him for taking him out each week. He looks forward to his Thursdays with Jeff.

We used to pay for a Home Health Care Service to send an individual to take John out once a week. Several small things happened that made John not want to go out with the workers. I think that the workers were very uncomfortable with John's friendliness. After we had two individuals who did not work out for different reasons, we found Jeff through a friend. A student always needs money and Jeff was delighted to get paid the same rate as I was paying the agency plus expenses.

What's next?

I am sharing this with everyone for two reasons. One is that I wanted to give others some ideas for how they can stimulate their loved ones and have some quiet time of their own during the week.

The other reason is that I am wondering what I will do when I need more help which is fast approaching. How have others found good people who will love being with a behaviorally handicapped individual?

Keeping everyone happy

These four hours a week that I have been given has kept me sane and much less resentful of the constant work that is required to keep everything functioning in our home. I would encourage everyone to find something that your loved one enjoys and build upon that for their special entertainment. What fun it is to have John and Jeff tell me all the stories of the people they have met and the places they have been. This is a highlight of my week also.

This is our story.

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