Sad for My Madre (Mother)

So my mother was diagnosed in early 2021.

A total turnaround

This was a shocker but we saw signs; just didn’t know why she was changing and doing things that were not normal. Our mother has always been so strong, organized, clean and very independent! So this is a total turn around that I wish I could erase and get my mother back.😔

My mother is no longer my mother

We moved her out of her apartment and she moved in with me; I’m the youngest of 7 children. There are 6 of us living. She has changed fast and is in a stage where she has outburst and argues, has called the cops on us, and also has said we have hit her. I had to add cameras just for all of our safety. You can see my mother is no longer my mother. She is becoming someone else and because of this disease I have cried and have gone through so many sad days in this past year!

This is a living nightmare! I would have never thought we would be going through this but here we are! Trying to stay positive each day we are given!

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