My 99 Year Old Child

Mom is 99 this month. I knew it would be a challenge, and I hope I’m up to it. We are at the point where she has lost the ability to carry on a conversation with me. She realizes her inability to find the words, and it frustrates her.

She is like a toddler - getting her to eat is a daily challenge. I change wet pants frequently, and she sleeps in spurts. I miss her stories - her reminiscing. She used to talk constantly about the “perfect” life she had with my dad (it wasn’t) and now she doesn’t even recognize his picture. I definitely feel like the roles are reversed and she has now become my child, my 99-year-old child.

I am forever in awe of the endless love that my husband has for me that he would open our home to her. He is amazing, and I appreciate him more than he knows.

Can you relate? How has your relationship with a parent changed as Alzheimer's has progressed? Leave a comment or share your own story.

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