My Savior

My name is Rachel and I am a caregiver to my mom Jennie (grandma she adopted me). I'm gonna start from when she became my caregiver. I was three months old and my real mother who is my grandma's daughter gave me away to my grandma's neighbor for a pack of cigarettes. My real mother had a lot of issues back then. So my grandma adopted me and choose to take care of me when no one wanted to, so now she is my mom the only mom I have.

So now the tables turned. My mom (grandma) who is 83, had a stroke a couple of years ago and it took her whole right side. So now she is in a wheelchair and has to be taken care of 24-7. I love taking care of her. She is also in the diamond stage of Alzheimer's. So she lives with me and I take care of her full time. I love being able to take care of my mom. I see it as now it is my turn to take care of her since she took care of me. My mom was my savior and now I'm gonna try to be hers.

Can you relate with Rachel? How has Alzheimer's impacted your life?

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