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My name is Sue, my real name. My wife's name is Diana. In July of 2020, while on my way to my baby sister's funeral. My wife called me as I was traveling to Ohio from Wisconsin. She called about 10 times to ask me how to turn on our television that we have had for about 2 years. That was the start of our journey.

Every day is a new day

When I got back to Wisconsin, I took her to our new Dr. who suggested we go to see a neurologist. We did, and at the time she had Mild Cognitive impairment. Then, in Feb of 2021, her slums had dropped to 17, and in June of this year, it had dropped to 13. She doesn't remember the day or date, but she can still drive, and she is now working a limited amount of time, as she was retired by the company she had worked for. She was forgetting how to punch in and out. And daily passwords needed to get into programs used. We're doing well overall, we meet each day with humor. We tell each other daily, every day is a new day.

This is my story.

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