Newly Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 62

I started with issues with little things that were noticeable to me. Forgetting names, words for things, remembering conversations, managing the bills….. all of these became known over time, I think the worse thing I did was sell our home with no place planned to move to (2020), being scammed by phone scammers, unable to handle numbers at all (was always the one to pay bills, do taxes, etc), unable to follow directions for anything (recipes, traveling, driving).

I knew that something wasn't right

I spent many visits (over years) to my GP telling him, I am anxious and depressed, I can’t sleep at night, I am taking naps during the day, my memory is horrible, I can’t even manage my checkbook, etc. Groups of people made me extremely anxious, too much noise, restaurants, friends, and family; I just wanted to be isolated at home. I truly felt like a hypochondriac when I would carry on about all of this.

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He decided that I must have COVID-related brain fog, and put me on anxiety, depression, and sleep aids. These covered up some of my symptoms, but they could not cover my sense of not being normal, I couldn’t do what I had always been able to do; what was going on with me? We did sleep studies (normal), blood work up’s, etc.

A new GP, new perspective

Finally, I got a new GP late last year (2022). He sent me to a geriatric doctor, who gave me a little memory test (I scored a 24 out of 30); he then scheduled me for a brain PET scan. He advised me to quit driving. I told him about all my driving anxieties, depth perception, seeing issues, forgetting where the windshield wipers were in an all of a sudden rainstorm, feelings sometimes when I’m driving and I suddenly am not sure where I am, forgetting where my headlights are or are they on (my car’s headlights are always on if it is running), etc.

I got the scan done in early March; it showed early AD. He could not get me scheduled back until mid October. My GP explained to me that I did have AD. I have not started any drugs for the disease but actually the diagnosis made me feel some relief (don’t forget that I knew I had something wrong for years). I actually know what I am fighting.

We are not alone

I found this website, which has given me some major enlightenment, I have also researched clinical trials. I have my first appt with one on Monday (7/17/23). I don’t know if they can help me but I know I can’t quit fighting, I have 4 sons, I am hoping if nothing else, that it might help them in the future (do I carry the gene, I don’t know but AD does run in both sides of my family).

I hope my story, can help others that are fighting this to know “you are not alone, God bless you”. - Becky

My husband (Danny) and I

This is our story.

Help others feel a little less alone.

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