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What has been your experience with Alzheimer-related medications?

We know that Alzheimer's drugs are not designed to get rid of the disease, but rather, to help with the symptoms. What has your experience been with Alzheimer-related drugs? Did you experience side effects? How did your healthcare team monitor you? We'd love to learn more from your experiences.

  1. My mom tried Aricept. It gave her diarrhea. She didn’t like that it kinda upset her stomach. She switched to Memantine. AKA Namenda. She has handled it fine. It’s hard to say it helped. She still has ended up losing her ability to talk and understand language and she is losing other memories as well. My dad was on Exalon patches. You had to be careful about touching them. You had to place them on different places on his body each time: left front, right front, right back, left back. I remember the adhesive left rings like he had fought an octopus. He was also on Aricept. Again, it’s hard to say if it helped. None of the meds make them better. They stave off sup for a while. That’s why it’s hard to tell the efficacy, as far as I know. Blessings, Kathy M team member.

    1. My hubby is on donepezil and memantine and neither seems to do anything in particular. To me his memory is rapidly declining. I see changes in spans of months not years. He does not remember things within a span of a few minutes. He is physically healthy. I can't determine if he knows he has a problem yet.

      1. Thank you for sharing your experience with these drugs. I am sorry that they do not seem to be helping. Have you communicated this to his doctor? Scott Team member

      2. , Alzheimer's robs us of our short-term memory, and keeps recent things from being indexed for long-term memory. There are other reasons that this may be happening, so it would be best to discuss these changes with his doctor and find the root cause. - Warmly, Donna (team member)

    2. Has anyone had any experience with the new medication for Alzheimer’s agitation. It’s called Rexulti, I read about in an Alzheimer’s forum, I want to ask about it for my dad who is extremely agitated, especially at night.

      1. thanks for reaching out and sharing. I personally have not had any experience with Rexulti. I do know from reading the research there is an increased risk of mortality. However, FDA has given its clearance of drug's use in Alzheimer's population. There are also research evidence of positive effects in regard to agitation. I have attached an article link below that might be helpful.
        I am hoping someone else with actual experience with this drugs usage will also reach out. Are you considering use of this medication for yourself or a loved one?
        Just Keep Swimming,
        Lynn Marie

    3. Thank you!

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