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How do you deal with your Alzheimer’s daily?

Feel free to express your thoughts of the hardships of dealing with the disease from day to day.

  1. Thank you for starting this discussion board thread. It can be very helpful and therapeutic to share what you are dealing with - the frustrations and the joyful moments. How are you doing today? Sending a gentle hug, Patty ( Team Member)

    1. Coping, with help from a Personal Care Assistant that my family hired for me. Most helpful is that she can drive me places I want to go to, now that it's not safe for me to drive anymore.
      Also family bought me an "AngelSense"watch, so they can track me when I go out for walks by myself. It has an "SOS" button so I can call ford help if I need it.

      1. Hi @CommunityMember742f43, it sounds like your family has taken some great steps to help you stay independent. How do you feel having these steps in place? -Warmly, Donna (team member)

      2. that's so great! It's good to have the mobility and companionship! Everybody wins! You can still do the most you can do, and your family doesn't need to worry. I was trying to find info about wearable tech. Is that like Life Alert? I'm glad for you! Blessings, Kathy M team member.

    2. New to this forum. I am trying to intuit my way as best I can each day. His episodes are what stress me the most. His dosage in 5 mg/day generic aricept. It is just the 2 of us. His family lives on west coast. We are on east coast.

      1. here is another article about caring for a loved one long distance. You can pass it along to your family or start some good conversations. You do need help and support. We are here for you as much as we can. We are walking or have walked this journey. There are frustrations, but there is joy, too. Blessings, Kathy M team member.

      2. How are things going these days for both him and you? Scott Team Member

    3. One day at a time, joined support groups and 6 hours a week of respite time

      1. I am glad that you are taking steps to care for yourself.Thank you for sharing. Do you have suggestions for people in our community who are stressed or feeling burnout? Scott Team Member

      2. That's so great! Respite helps so much. It's like tying a knot at the end of your rope and hanging on. You feel you can do it! Do you have other helps for yourself and loved one? Bjlessings, Kathy M team member.

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