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Are blood based biomarkers beneficial?

Hi everyone.

There’s been a lot of promising studies around Blood based bio markers in accurately predicting the presence of Alzheimer’s in a person. I was curious to see what the community thinks of this and wether or not it could be beneficial as a cost effective clinical diagnosis.

  1. Thank you for your question for our community. My thought is how accurate would it be? How much would it cost? Scott Team Member

    1. From what I read, it should be significantly less expensive, invasive, and easy to administer

      1. Those sound like good things. What do people think? Scott Team Member

    2. *non invasive. It’s offered via blood test. Just curious if it’s something ppl would use if made available. Thanks for your insights!

      1. I would consider it if it was done in conjunction with medical oversight and there was a clear explanation of the details. What do others think? Scott Team member

    3. I would definitely do it to know what I am up against.

      1. thanks for reaching out. Both of my parents had the Alzheimer's diagnosis. It of course weighs on my mind about my chances of also getting the diagnosis. The potential of using a blood test, definitely peaks my interest too. Just Keep Swimming...Lynn Marie, " Team Member.

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