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What are good activities for people with Alzheimer's?

Music, art, puzzles...what activities have you found works best for people with Alzheimer's?

  1. Though not something I ever tried with my loved one, I understand these fidget blankets can be particularly helpful in keeping a loved one's hands moving and keeping them occupied and active!

    There are a wealth of results on Pinterest:

    1. O wow! Those look so cool. I wouldn't mind spending some time with it, hahaha.

    2. hahaha, I felt the exact way when I discovered them!

  2. As a caregiver for my mom who has had early onset Alzheimers for 10 years now, I have found that there are wonderful engagement activities for every stage. Now that my mom is in the final stages, I love to use tactile activities like fidget blankets and pillows with her in addition to having her play with dolls for doll therapy. Doll therapy in Dementia is a terrific activity for providing joy and calm and I have found that my mom responds well to it. In the early stages, coloring was the most favorite activity for my mom.

    1. My husband is 57 and we have tried every fidget toy, doll and puzzle! Our house looks like a daycare. Some days he likes one thing, another day he likes something different, some activities he never touches. He loves fidget spinners and old photographs/albums, ripping cardboard, and sometimes will stay busy with a basket of socks and shoes.

      1. I am sorry you are on this journey with your husband and for him to be so young. As I read your comment it resonated with me all too well about a house transforming into a daycare!! I also experienced similar occurrences of my mom becoming "bored" with her fidget toys as well. I think that's when I notice how resilient we as caregivers really are because we put our pivot action into play and rock with our loved ones moods and changes. You are a Rockstar Lisa and I am sending you so much love and light.

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