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What are good activities for people with Alzheimer's?

Music, art, puzzles...what activities have you found works best for people with Alzheimer's?

  1. Though not something I ever tried with my loved one, I understand these fidget blankets can be particularly helpful in keeping a loved one's hands moving and keeping them occupied and active!

    There are a wealth of results on Pinterest:

    1. As a caregiver for my mom who has had early onset Alzheimers for 10 years now, I have found that there are wonderful engagement activities for every stage. Now that my mom is in the final stages, I love to use tactile activities like fidget blankets and pillows with her in addition to having her play with dolls for doll therapy. Doll therapy in Dementia is a terrific activity for providing joy and calm and I have found that my mom responds well to it. In the early stages, coloring was the most favorite activity for my mom.

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