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How can we best treat those living with Alzheimer's with dignity?

Treating someone with a little dignity can go a long way. What are some things that you would like people to consider when interacting with you or your loved one living with Alzheimer's?

  1. I would like for people to be patient with mom and to not ask her such difficult questions I have discovered people who come into the home hospice and other people ask her things she doesn't understand I try to get them to ask me instead, but they won't they ask her Thats another topic I wish I knew how to politely ask people to stop asking her things that she doesn't understand.

    1. I understand what you are saying. This happens to me and the best way I know how to handle it other than pulling the person aside and asking them to not ask her difficult questions is to ask questions of my loved one at the level she can understand. This shows the level of understanding and capability that she has and what she can do and can't do. Others can see it and adjust. Hope this helps. Scott Team Member

  2. Good advice thank you 😀

    1. You are welcome. Please keep me updated. Scott Team member

      1. Please stop saying “I forget things all the time.”

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