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What's your experience with driving and dementia?

This is a space to share tips and ask questions relating to driving with dementia.

Driving is an extremely sensitive subject for people living with dementia. To many elderly people, not driving represents a major shift in reduced freedom and autonomy.

There is no checklist for determining whether or not it’s safe for your loved one to continue driving so we want to hear from you.

Have you had to navigate this safety for a person living with dementia?

What has worked for you and your loved one?

  1. What worked for us with my mother-in-law was making sure that she knew that we enjoyed driving her around and it was a way that we could serve and help her. It benefitted us to help her. This reframed it in her mind. No longer was it a freedom that she was losing but a way that she was helping us love her the best way that we can. Scott Team member

    1. That is such a great suggestion and a positive way of reframing it. I’m glad to hear that your mother-in-law was encouraged by that. I appreciate your feedback as we navigate this too!

      - Kelsey, Team Member

  2. I'm just driving in my small town. No longer driving out of town. I'm so afraid of getting lost.

    1. I’ve used GPS many times with the vocals on and it is possible to get lost that was very scary.

    2. I bet that was very scary. I am sorry that you experienced that. Scott Team Member

  3. I gave up driving as soon as I realized I was no longer a safe driver. Happily, my husband and other friends provide rides for me.

    1. Hi - Good for you for recognizing the signs and taking control of the situation. Glad you have a supportive family and friends around you to help. Thank you for sharing your experience - we can all learn from each other. - Kelsey, Team Member

    2. This can happen to people w/o Alz or even dementia too.

  4. I should say, I also believe I could ride the bus safely. Haven't convinced my husband of that yet, but since I have an AngelSense watch he can track me, and I have a cell phone that I take with me always, so could call if I needed him to come get me somewhere!

    1. Thank you for the information. I appreciate how we can use technology in helpful ways. Scott team member

    2. That's a good idea! I've heard really positive things about AngelSense and I'm glad to hear it's worked well for you and your family. Anything for some peace of mind, right? - Kelsey, Team Member

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