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Have you taken FMLA to care for your loved one with Alzheimer's disease?

FMLA allows employees to go on leave for up to 12 work weeks in a year. This leave is unpaid but you are able to keep your health benefits during this time. You will also be able to return to your job, or an equivalent job, after your leave is over.

Is this something you've done? (Or considered doing?) If so, what factored into your decision? What was the process like? Do you have any advice for others who may be considering this as an option?

  1. I did use FMLA and I would advise anyone using it to get EVERYTHING IN WRITING FROM YOUR EMPLOYER. Their words mean nothing if not on paper.

    1. Thank you for this response. I think most companies have experience with maternity/paternity leave and even bereavement leave, but with caregiving those with this disease it is often new for them and good communication is so important. Scott Team member

    2. I'll echo the same sentiment as Scott - communication in situations like this is super important, but it is unfortunate when employers show a lack of support in situations like this. It is a good practice to keep those communications and everything in writing from your employers as you mention. How long were you able to utilize FMLA? Did you find it helpful in your case? Thanks again for sharing! Amanda, Team Member

  2. I used FMLA for 8 months. I trusted the words of HR and past practice of the business where I worked over 44 years. THAT was my error: TRUST in HR’s words and not getting it on paper.

    1. , oh that doesn't sound good. Were you able to get the situation resolved? - Warmly, Donna (team member)

  3. It was resolved by my early retirement; which enabled me to continue caring for my parent.

    1. This is good news. Thank you for your response. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Scott Team Member

    2. thank you for reaching out and sharing your experiences. You gave great advice to always get everything in writing. I find keeping a paper trail is always a good idea.
      I am sorry you had to retire early, but glad that you have time to be with you loved one. Both of my parents had Alzheimer's disease. I was able to have time with my mom. It wasn't the most ideal situation work wise, for me. However, you can not get back time. I made the best of all the time I had with her. No regrets!
      How is your loved one doing? Thanks for being part of our community. Just Keep Swimming...Lynn Marie, " Team Member"

  4. We filled out paper for FMLA and it was approved but he hasn't had to take any time. His boss just uses hi accumulated time to be off sick etc. Friends also take me to my appointments. This way he can use it later when I really need him years later I pray.

    1. It sounds like he has an understanding boss. Was the paperwork and approval process complicated/difficult?
      Scott Team Member

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