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Suggestions for eating?

We asked our Facebook community what suggestions they have for when a loved one doesn't want to eat. Here is what they shared... do you have any suggestions to add?

- Perhaps frequent use of moist mouth swabs with glycerine to keep lips from parching. Offer small spoonfuls of slushy water, electrolyte juice to moisten mouth.

- I fed my mom mini-sized ice cream cups and yogurt

- I feed (my husband) soups and soft foods. He likes Boost so I give him that for nutrition

- I fed my Dad pop Sickles and yogurt

- Presently, we divert on nasogastric tube and so far she is healthy and we finally reached her ideal body weight because of balanced nutrition provided on her osterized feeding.

  1. I started pureeing all of my mom's meal in the food processor and she starting eating again. At first me feeding her now she feeds herself 40% of it and I feed her the other 60%. So I know she is wanting to eat and I'm not forcing her to.

    1. Thank you for sharing - great tip! Patty (Team Member)

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