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Tips for managing foul language

May LO would never in his life say the slightest “bad word”. I am getting weary listening to his foul language now. It’s NEVER been a part of our lives. I will appreciate any helpful tips.

  1. I appreciate your love and concern for your LO and that you are getting weary of his language. Are there certain times of the day or specific things that trigger these behaviors that you can identify? Scott Team Member

    1. No matter how hard it is we must treat our loved ones the way we would want someone to treat us.

      1. you are right. That’s the golden rule. Blessings, Kathy M team member.

    2. Does redirection help? I heard my dad say and do things he never would have in his right mind. It wasn’t a constant stream like it sounds like your husband is demonstrating. But still shocking. I acted shocked and dad started laughing and apologized. Let us know what helps. Blessings, Kathy M team member.

      1. My husband Dave, rarely used foul language until lately. Now when he gets frustrated or upset he will curse up a storm. One things he seems to enjoy is news on tv but takes to using nasty words when he does not like opposing views. It’s strange why this happens. All I do is ask him not to swear around me. He tries sometimes but still feels the need to hurl out an obscenity.

        1. Hi, , unfortunately, Alzheimer's can affect the inhibition control center (pre-frontal cortex) in the brain. So while his intentions may be great to not offend you, he probably does not have the control over himself that he once had. It's not him, it's the disease.

          If watching the news is what precipitates this, maybe try getting him interested in another program, that won't be presenting opposing views, but maybe is more entertainment-focused. - Warmly, Donna (team member)

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