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What strategies do you use to help redirect your loved ones living with Alzheimer's disease?

I was a caregiver to both of my parents, with the Alzheimer's Disease diagnosis. It was very important to me, to respect my loved ones for where they were at.
My dad would often get stuck talking about the same topics from the past. It would frustrate me, to no end sometimes. So I started doing story time videos with him. When he would get stuck on a topic. I would ask simple questions about the topic he was stuck on, and I would record him.
My dad enjoyed doing our story time recordings. This helped him move past being stuck, and helped me learn more about him.

Questions for the community:
-What are some ways, you in the community use to help redirect your loved one's during a conversation or an activity?
-Would you please share a picture of your loved ones? I look forward to seeing your photos. I have attached a picture below of my mom (Joan) and my dad (Len).

  1. How very precious! None of my ideas are half as good! I wish I had recorded my mom when she could tell the stories. She can barely get a sentence out now. Blessings, Kathy M team member.

    1. thanks for reaching out. It is difficult as our loved ones lose their abilities to verbalize. However, Kathy with both of my parents I learned that even though they could not communicate verbal, there were other activities that we communicated through. My dad it was music. My mom it was coloring. I have attached an article that I wrote about coloring being a vehicle and bridge into my mom's world, as her disease progressed. Kathy I know you mentioned in a previous post that your mom likes to bird watch. You could make photos of common birds that you see and she could pick them out as she sees them. After you see a bird she could maybe color or paint a premade picture of a bird.These are just a few ideas. The possibilities are endless though.
      Just Keep Swimming...Lynn Marie, " Team Member"

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