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What is your relationship with your/loved one's health care team?

How do you feel your healthcare team supports you in managing you/your loved one's health?

If positive, what advice would you give to others who might be struggling?

If not so great, what do you wish was different?

  1. Overall, I had a great relationship with my mom's healthcare team. That is not to say that everything was smooth all the time.
    My advice to anyone in the community that has a loved one in independent living center, assisted living center or a nursing home. Drop by in at different times to see your loved one. The care facility never knew when I was going to drop by. Unfortunately, there were times I arrived and my mom and others in the facility were not being taken care of the way they deserved. Mind you she was in a top facility. However, people are humans and there are call ins and sometimes people just don't do what they are supposed to. So it is so very important to fluctuate your visit times to help advocate for your loved ones and others.
    Just Keep Swimming...Lynn Marie, " Team Member"

    1. Thank you for sharing. When my father required assisted care, my family and I were fortunate to be able to drop by at different times of the day and night to check on him. Dad received good care, and the nurses and staff were readily available to speak with us to address our questions and to gain feedback on Dad's day. We regularly talked to the staff about his dietary needs and medication updates. Communication with Dad's care team was essential and helped ease our concerns about the changes in Dad's demeanor. Respectfully, Nancy, team member

  2. I have a great relationship with all my doctors. They involve me ineverything and talk to me so I can understand or if I don't tey break it down to simplier terms. When my rheumy left after so many years,my primary doctor makes sure all my doctors are doing the best for me! I've had a new rheumy for a year but now she's leaving. So I have to find a new rheumy.I really feel the Lord led me to all my doctors. My primary doctor and I text back and forth.

    1. It is wonderful that your medical team communicates so well with you and with each other. Good luck on finding a new roommate. Scott Team Member

  3. My husband had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's about 7 years ago. About 5 years ago he was also diagnosed with Diabetes II. I requested a continuous glucose monitor, but my husband's doctor said they only prescribe them for patients with DM 1. I think this is unreasonable because my husband can't remember to take his blood test or his meds. I have to manage all of his Diabetes care as well as his Alzheimer's care. I wish they would make an exception for the CGM for patients under my husband's circumstances.
    I also have 4 children under the age of 18 who I have to take care of. A CMG would be a huge help for me to manage everyone and everything.

    1. I really appreciate all that you are managing. You have a lot going on. Would it help you to get a second opinion regarding the glucose monitor based on his unique situation? Can you speak to another physician about this? Scott Team Member

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