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Rough Morning Detailed

I am new here. 1st, the process of finding this forum or group is painful.
I woke up about 6:20 AM, groggy. Took a quick shower, took garbage to the curb. IK grabbed my decaf coffee and my smoothie (Wife made them before work) I sat down turned on TV for about 10 minutes and turned it off it off. At the same time I was checking my Instagram. The it hit! Head pain, exhausted and sick to my stomach. The poser side said it was my glasses but the other said NO it's the desease. I am sick now so this is LIVE. OUCH -G

  1. Hi , my stepmom used to set my dad up for the morning like that. It's sweet. When you say the process of finding the group is painful - do you mean the first time, or when you want to visit from day to day? We're grateful our members found us, and understand that time that feels like you're alone in the desert is stressful. If you are having problems when you want to visit the group, how about if you make a bookmark on the bookmark bar? Just click the star in the address bar and save it to the "Bookmark Bar" line of the pulldown. Then it is conveniently at the top of the page in your browser and just one click away when you would like to visit. I'm sorry to hear it was a rough morning. Are you feeling any better? - Warmly, Donna (team member)

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