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How do you stay grounded when feeling overwhelmed?

It's normal to feel overwhelmed or anxious during stressful and uncertain times. It can be hard to manage those feelings. How do you cope with these feelings and what do you do to stay grounded? Share with the community in the answer section below.

  1. Reflection and prayer

    1. Thank you for your response. I find solace and comfort in those as well. Scott Team Member

  2. I exercise, do crossword puzzles, lunch with friends

    1. Do you like to go for walks? I find that this always helps me. Scott Team Member

  3. Sometimes I just need to take a nap when I get overwhelmed. I feel more emotional regarding this diagnosis. I feel the clock is ticking, so I tend to worry more, so I have a therapist. I have changed my diet and have lost 30 lbs. Fatigue causes me to have a hard time exercizing, but I've started walking and riding my bike. There's nothing easy about this, but I'm in early stages of this beast. Quite frankly, I'm scared a lot, as I am a retired nurse.

    1. Thank you for sharing your journey with our community. Where do you like to walk and ride your bike? Are you able to get out to parks or see some cool landscapes? Scott Team member

  4. I like to ride my bike, and hike. I travel in my camper van and am still able to drive if I keep my navigator on. I also bring someone with me as backup.

    1. I like to do all those things as well. I have a mountain bike and take photos, mainly of eagles. Hiking is fun. Do you get to see sunsets/sunrises? Scott Team Member

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