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It seems my mom has bees sundowning almost all day; getting even worse in the afternoon.

Also, for quite some time she hasn't known me. But the past week she is asking for me (as her daughter, so I am told) and her father (who has been gone for almost 60 years). Mom is still getting acclimated to her Alz. wing and their day-to-day activities. She is also not allowed to walk outside of the unit due to her potential of fleeing. She loves to walk; hasn't been able to do that (the exercise would certainly help) and they are doing a wonderful job of keeping her active. Is all day sundowning a thing?

  1. Hi @kurecz63, everyone's experiences are different. I wanted to share an article on sundowning and an article on coping with sundowning:
    I hope that answers some of your questions. -Warmly, Donna (team member)

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