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Do you have any tips for attachment to stuffed animals?

My mom has a stuffed animal that she thinks is real, which is fine. The problem is, she thinks it’s a baby (it’s an enlarged cardinal bird that can be microwaved to keep you warm) and she is refusing to leave the house for dinner or anything else because she has to take care of the “baby”. She is not in a facility yet-my father is taking care of her. He doesn’t have a problem with her taking it with her but she seems to get upset anyway. Any suggestions?

  1. Thanks for checking in with our community. How special that your mother has a cardinal stuffed bird that soothes her and is something she can take care of and bring with her to places. If you haven't already, try adding to the stuffed animal family or offer other safe small items so she can have a variety of things to choose from should she need a distraction. Here is an article I think will be of help
    : I hope you continue sharing what you are learning and experiencing with us. Warmly, Nancy Team Member

    1. This is necessarily a suggestion, but a mention - my father is in a memory care facility and also has a stuffed animal which he does think is real, and yes its ok. He had a stuff dog in his room and also a cat (to be honest, he found them in an area of the facility and took them back to his room). He would tell me about them when I would visit - I know its memories of his own dog (he never had a cat actually) -
      I liked how he would tell me stories about them - you could see him happy and also reminded me of who he was before when he would talk about his dog. The stuffed dog is smaller than what your'e describing, so maybe that is something to think about - also maybe have 2 different stuffed animals will help a little with leaving them at home? Truthfully, I'm not sure but just wanted to suggest that. Take care.

      1. CommunityMember1c3627 Thank you for sharing—our community benefits when we contribute our thoughts and experiences. I have gone through something similar when my father was placed in memory care. He loved his collection of stuffed animals. They offered him comfort and joy, and he loved to show them off. He even lined them up along his window sill, and we spoiled him by letting him add to his growing collection. I think it's wonderful when caregivers and loved ones provide what they know works well, is soothing to the touch, and offers them happiness. Respectfully, Nancy Team member

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