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Do you have a tracking device?

I need one for the car or one to out in my husband’s wrist that he can’t take off.

  1. Hi . It is definitely scary when your loved one wanders off. Is this something that has been happening with frequency with your husband? Or are you asking proactively in case he starts to wander? I hope others here will chime in with what has worked for them in the past. In the meantime, I am sharing an article that talks about different ways that a loved one can try to prevent wandering: One of the suggestions included is the use of a GPS device which I've seen referenced in many places. Please keep us posted on how things are and if any of these might be possible solutions for you. Warmly, Patty, Team Member

    1. Hi @AnnaMaria, a couple of ideas - there are small portable, battery-operated alarms that you could tuck into the glove box, the sensor would go on the door. The problem with them is that they are loud and may cause more problems than they solve. There is an alternative, though - it is a sensor that would go on the door, but rather than sounding an alarm, it pages the caregiver, and gives just a softer chime kind of sound.

      There are also personal GPS devices that you can pin on his clothing in a place where he cannot see or access it. These come with an app, so that you can clearly see his location.

      I hope that's helpful! - Warmly, Donna (team member)

      1. I use ring (there are others like Nest, etc, ) cameras within the house including the doorbell they use for advertising, also a site called Optima has devices you can hardwire or use a battery device to place in your/his/her car to track vehicles on your phone. If your spouse should not be driving you should disable the car.

        1. Thanks so much for sharing! Tagging so that she sees your great suggestion! Warmly, Patty, Team Member

        2. Thank you for sharing. So, these devices have apps that can be used on smart phones? This would be amazing. Scott Team Member

      2. , I used a little thin square plastic "tracker" that I put in his wallet (which he always had in his back pocket). It is from a company called TILE, and you track it with an app on your phone. When he asked what it was , I told him it was a device so we could find his wallet if he ever lost it. It worked for me.

        1. Thank you for sharing, @CommunityMmber285! That is the best use of that device I've ever seen! -Warmly, Donna (team member)

        2. thank you for sharing this specific all. Scott moderator

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