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Worried about my parents... Do others have advice?

Dad still drives and has access to guns, but mom won't budge.

  1. Hi , thank you for reaching out to our community. I am truly sorry that your family is struggling like this. It must be very difficult for your mom to realize and accept that your dad is declining because of Alzheimer's. Especially in the beginning to middle stages of their diagnosis, our loved ones thankfully appear to be ok. But as we watch there are more signs of their sad decline. It is so very hard to accept. I would try to talk to your mom about your very real and valid concerns about your dad driving and having access to guns. Explain to her as kindly as possible the concerns you have for your dads and her safety, and the safety of the public. I would also recommend you speak to your dads Doctor about you concerns. The Doctor should be able to talk to your parents about this. Can you reach out to other family members to help your mom understand the very real dangers you are concerned about? Your parents are blessed to have you to watch out for them and to love them. Please know our community is thinking of you all and that we are here for you.
    Warmly, Pam-Community Moderator

    1. Hi Sawyer,
      Thanks for your question - I can see why you're worried. What stage is your dad in? Is he still able to drive safely? Or should his license be revoked because he is no longer safe on the road? Are you worried he might take the guns with him when he goes out? Our site advocates have written many articles on their own experience with taking their parent's license. If your father is no longer a safe driver and is a danger to himself and others, then you can get a doctor involved (I know it's very hard). We are here for you. - Warmly, Elizabeth ( team member)

      1. How are you doing? I see you posted your question a couple months ago. How are things going?

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