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Community Views: What Keeps You Coming Back? launched in 2019 to empower the Alzheimer's community, patients, and caregivers to learn, educate, and connect with others about this disease. In the intervening 2 years, we have seen the community grow and flourish. Recently, we passed 10,000 likes (or followers) of the Facebook group! To celebrate that milestone, we asked the community, "What keeps you coming back to"

We love the responses you all shared.

For support

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis for yourself or a loved one is life-changing. There is much to process, and you often feel alone at first. This community offers you a connection with others also touched by Alzheimer’s. You find support as you navigate life impacted by this diagnosis.

"The guidance and support I get. All of you are wonderful."

"The compassion I feel here. Also, good ideas."

Some of you are just starting on this journey, while others have traveled this road for a while. Sharing support and wisdom makes the process a bit easier.

"My mom passed away 4 years ago with Alzheimer's. I still hang here in case I can help someone else. As someone who's been there, done that, it's the hardest thing I've ever done!"

To be understood

You also shared the value of being among others who understand life with Alzheimer's. It is comforting to know that you can be authentic without worrying about how questions and frustrations come across.

Being among those who "get it" is a relief. Alzheimer's can feel lonely and isolating as your loved one withdraws more; your life becomes more restricted as their needs increase. This community is a safe haven where you do not have to explain. You are heard and believed.

"To have someone to vent to without being judged. Knowing that you’re not in this alone."

"My husband has dementia, and I need the encouragement."

"My mom passed away from it, and my husband had dementia. I've been taking care of family members with it. I'm 68 years old. This has been my life for over 15 years. It is hard, but I still stand."

Educating yourself

Expanding your knowledge about Alzheimer's and learning from one another's experiences also draws you to the community. Knowing how best to prepare and care for your loved one is essential. Sharing ideas and wisdom gained through trial and error is valuable. In this community, you ask questions, find resources, and learn tips and tricks for managing.

"Many family members on both sides of my family have suffered this terrible disease. The personal accounts help me have a better understanding of what they are going through."

"The more info I have, I feel better able to take care of my husband!"

With gratitude, to the Alzheimer's community

Whatever your reasons, we are glad you keep coming back! Thank you for being part of the community! We appreciate your openness to sharing with all of us.

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