An older Asian woman looks off into the distance, surrounded by soft colors that look like brush strokes. The image appear as a jigsaw puzzle a few pieces missing. Where the pieces are missing is a dark sky and a field of stars. The text reads: Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month.

June Is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month!

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month! We are very excited for the added attention that is given to Alzheimer's education and research. Our goal at is to provide a community where those affected by Alzheimer's disease can connect with each other. This June, we are sharing 5 ways to be heard.

A missing puzzle piece with the void filled with stars.

Five ways to connect

1. Enter the Puzzle Giveaway

Do you and or your loved one enjoy puzzles? Well this month, we have a fun puzzle-themed giveaway! Included is an adult activity book, tile puzzle game, and custom photo puzzle. There are 3 opportunities to enter the giveaway. First is entering your email address. Additional entries are available for those who take part in our Welcome Forum and share their stories. For more information on the puzzle giveaway, click here.

Two puzzle pieces fitting together to form a heart.

2. Share your story

Sharing your story on is a great way to connect with community members and let them know that they are not alone in this journey. Stories are often shared via our social media platforms and newsletter, which means your story will reach even more people!

Puzzle pieces and a purple awareness month ribbon.

3. Participate in the discussion

Check out the forums. There are forums for introducing yourself, answering others' questions, and other topics. You are also able to create your own forum topic. Commenting on community-submitted stories and advocate articles is another great way to connect with others. Let people know if you can relate to them or hit the like button to let them know you read their article.

4. Add the awareness month Facebook frame to your profile photo

Let your Facebook friends know that Alzheimer's disease matters to you. Our team created a custom frame for your Facebook profile picture. Click here to try out the frame!

5. Read and share our most popular articles

Do not forget to connect on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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