My Journey Through My Husband's Dementia

I took care of my husband through all of the normal dementia problems. I tried to ask family members for any advice to get help to no avail. Finally, it was taking its toll on me so I put him in a nursing home. Putting him in a nursing home was fine with one son who had seen what caregiving was doing to me. However, the other son didn’t think I should’ve done that, but he wasn’t around to understand.

Feeling guilty

So the guilt from not having patience with him went to having guilt for putting him in the nursing home. He has been there for a year now. I was checking on him all the time, walking him and taking him out. He was getting a little better until this Coronavirus and now it feels like I put him in prison. Just awful!!

Unsure about the future

I don’t know if we will ever get to hug him again or take him anywhere. Video chats that he doesn't understand just don’t seem right. Now we have 20-minute visits outdoors with masks, so I just look like another nurse and social distancing. Now I wish I would have taken care of him until I dropped. Rant done, thanks!


Are you able to visit your loved one right now?

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