It's More...

Hello everyone. I have new poem that again, I shared with my FB support group. This time I also posted my poem to the public.

My hubby has Alzheimer's stage 5. This poem came on a morning of reading support group posts and seeing how we all, at times, have the feeling that no one truly understands all the effects of Alzheimer's or dementia. Most people think it's a memory disease, and it is, but; it's More...

It's More...

By Debbie Hamilton

People think Alzheimer's just makes a person forget, the memory is all that goes.

It's so much more than that, but only a caregiver knows.

The loved ones face, it stares, emotionless like a stone.

Conversations are no more, even when at home.

While others eat out, travel and have fun in life.

We stay at home alone, with a person who was once a husband, or a wife.

They loose their motor skills, their speech, the ability to express.

The very essence of who they are becomes less, and less, and less.

The incontinence that takes their dignity, and makes a mess each day.

The friends and fam will never truly see, what this disease takes, and takes away.

But as the caregiver, you see it all as each bit slowly leaves.

Those day by day moments, the little things that cause the heart to grieve.

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