Living Day to Day

My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a little over a year ago but I noticed symptoms since mid 2017 when he got lost on the cruise ship we were on and couldn't find me after he went to use the restroom. He was tested in early 2019 and out of 20 questions he got 18 right. This was the same time he was having trouble driving and staying in the right lane without drifting. He voluntary gave up driving in October of 2019.

I noticed he was doing stuff like trying to use the remote to call on instead of his cell phone. I retired in Feb of 2020 and shortly after I took him back to the doctor and he was tested again and got only 2 right of the 20. That's when he got his diagnosis for Alzheimers. He was started on medicine at that time.

He can no longer remember our kids except for the son who lived within 8 miles of us. He sometimes asks me if we are married and once he thought we were divorced (we've been married 51 years). He calls my name several times a day thinking he is alone when I am in the house in other rooms or at the computer.

Missing my husband

I miss my husband. He was such a smart man and had great jobs. We retired in 1998 and traveled building churches all over the united states for 10 years, but he remember none of those times. I try to talk with him about things we use to do but he seems quite indifferent and won't talk at all to me except to ask me a question.

This past June my sister died and we went to Texas to be with family there. Bob was upset and did not understand why we needed to go but I could not leave him alone. We were only away two nights, but he was always asking to go home. I had planned for us to go on a cruise in December but since cancelled because I know he would not handle that well at all

Day to day life

I guess the biggest thing right now is Bob would sleep 24/7 if I didn't make him get up. I miss him being up and rather he be in his recliner in the living room than in bed where I can't see him.

He is in depends and if he is awake he will use to bathroom but if he is in bed he wets his depends. He eats sweets most of the time, ice cream being his favorite. He wants breakfast twice a day and eats that good but not much of anything else.

Loneliness is the very worst part of this disease. I find myself talking and he is not even paying any attention to me, its like I am talking to the wall. Believe me, understand what the future holds. I just want to be a good caregiver to him. Even with this disease he is still the best part of me.

This is my story.

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