What Life Was...What It Became

I met a jolly man in a river town nine years ago. We were joined at the hip.

We did everything together. Then health setbacks changed our lives. Literally. I noticed in 2018 something was definitely not right about my man. He was changing drastically. He had changed on every level. His demeanor even changed. I even changed doctors. He became violent. He even threw a knife at our caregiver. Thank God she stayed with us. She figured out what was happening. She had worked with patients like my L.O.

He is changing even more daily. We go through many challenges. Second shift workers is one. I refuse to put him in skilled care. He wouldn't do well there. He almost died in a nursing home once. I can't do that to him again.

I won't say anything is easy. Anything that is worth something is never easy. He rages a lot, has paranoia at times. He does what my folks called Sundowning. But we swore we would take care of each other....til death us do part. I am keeping my end of the pact.

If you love your mate, that's what you do.

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