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Accepting the diagnosis

I was diagnosed with early onset 12/20/2022. I’m a retired nurse, so I’ve taken care of many in my 45 year career. I’m terrified of what’s to come. I cry more than usual. I lost my appetite. I have no interest in being intimate with my partner. Please do not suggest antidepressants. They did nothing.

  1. , thank you for reaching out and expressing how you feel. One of our Community Health leaders , also has a nursing background. She was too, like you diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease.
    Both Holly and Kris from our team, were diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease. I am attaching a link to their articles, they have quite a few that may interest you. Again, I really appreciate your vulnerability and we are honored as a community that you choose to share with us. Please reach out anytime. Just Keep Swimming...Lynn Marie, " Team Member"

    1. The articles don’t download.

      1. How are you doing today? Scott Team Member

      2. today has started to be a good day. I did a short hike yesterday.

    2. I'll add you to my prayer list and start praying! I wish you all the best!

      1. You're very welcome!

      2. Thank you for praying for the people of this community. We all need it! Blessings, Kath M team member,

    3. You're very welcome!

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