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Early-Onset Alzheimer's

Whether you are a patient or a caregiver we want to hear from you!

What have you learned from your diagnosis and the experience of managing early-onset Alzheimer's? How do you continue to embrace each day, while preparing for your tomorrow?

Share your lessons learned and connect with the community.

  1. I have learned from the experience of managing my mothers early-onset Alzheimer's that you must embrace each day. It is our natural instinct to prepare for death rather than living in the moment, but by doing so you are living the rest of your life with regret. You are wasting precious moments that will be lost forever when your loved one dies, and then you will regret not being able to hold them again or tell them how much I loved them.

    🤗 Embrace each day!
    📝 Prepare for your tomorrow.

    We never know what tomorrow will bring, so let’s live today with love toward ourselves and others without fear of what may happen next. We don't have control over our future.
    Nikki, Community Moderator~

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      1. What I learned from being a caretaker for both of my parents....
        1. Alzheimer's disease effects each individual person very differently. Buckle up and prepare to ride out the roller coaster of emotions and life challenges with your loved ones.
        2. Treasure every moment with your loved ones
        3. Make sure all the legal stuff regarding who you're loved one wants to handle their health care decisions and medical decisions are clarified legally early on. As the disease process enhances. Sometimes family emotions intensify. So the sooner all the legalities are settled the better it is.
        4. I learned in order to advocate and be the best caretaker, that I needed to take care of myself also. This was a hard concept for me to swallow, but an important one.
        5. I learned its OK to seek out professional mental health specialists. This disease is life changing for not only the patient but the entire family.
        6. I learned that support groups were vital. In person or informative support families like here at online.
        7. I learned that sharing my story and my journey with the experience I have experienced with my loved ones and as a medical professional, can help others. Writing has been healing and cathartic. Strongly encourage others to share their stories, when it is right for them.
        8. Learned the the loss of both of my parents, in a two year time span, to never take anything for granted.
        Just Keep Swimming...Lynn Marie, " Team Member"

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