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How do you deal with stress and burnout?

We all get burnt out. Let's talk about it. What's going on that has you feeling so burnt out? And what do you do when you're feeling burnt out?

  1. Write my feelings down in a journal.

    1. @Alexus, writing your feelings down in a journal is an excellent way to deal with stress and burnout. I hope you find this activity to be helpful to you. I use journaling as an activity too. Thank you for sharing. We are so grateful you are a part of this community. Blessings and Peace, Kristin Martin, Community Moderator

    2. I just wanted to circle back and see how you were doing. How has journaling over this time helped? Have you gone back and looked over how you were feeling? Scott Team Member

  2. I recently (organically) realized that chatting with friends who knew my husband BEFORE Alzheimer's brings me great joy. I've taken hikes and walks with these friends and before long we're remembering beautiful experiences and I'm filled with warm fuzzies of how blessed I am to have made these memories!

    1. I just wanted to circle back and see how you were doing. I just read your post about sharing with people who knew your loved one before this disease. It was inspiring for me and helpful. Scott Team Member

  3. I use "Sweat Theropy" to cope with being a 24/7 caregiver.

    1. Hi . What's your favorite kind of sweat therapy?! Do you have different activities that work for different situations? I like to run when I need to think and sometimes I do yoga when I need to clear my head. We'd love to hear what works for you! Warmly, Patty, Team Member

  4. Strength training with dumb bells, resistance band and door frame pullup bar in the morning work for me. The best kind of exercise for anyone is the kind that they will do, number one priority is do not hurt yourself.
    Having different things to do is very helpful. I like to fix things from Ceiling fans to Electric Trains and an old 1942 Willys Jeep. The weather has a way of deciding what gets fixed next. When I get tired of doing something I move on to something else.

    1. It sounds like you have a number of great options to pick from! I always find it important to have a variety of options myself...helps make it so I don't get board. Thank you so much for sharing your strategies! Patty, Team Member

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