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How do you keep your home safe?

Nightlights, guardrails, slip pads - what tools do you use to make sure every room in your home is safe to manage morning and night?

  1. We try to make sure there isn’t any trip hazards left on the floor, no rugs with corners curled up, or without nonslip pads underneath. Mom shuffles along, so it’s easy to catch her foot on something. I hold her hand going up steps outside steps. They have a lip and she has caught her foot on it. By the third step, she doesn’t lift her foot high enough. She uses the shopping cart in the stores or uses a rollator in the neighborhood. I have a nightlight in the bathroom. I bought some illuminated wall switches to swap out for the regular ones, but haven’t done it yet, so at night she can see where the switches are. I have a cow bell by her bed in case she needs to summon me. Idk if she remembers to use it or remember it’s there.

    1. all those precautions are spot our house i was afraid my wife may try 2 go out the front door so i put a bell on it 2 alert me..but it was not that loud so i put a cart in between so it is difficult 4 her 2 get 2 the door..sadly i do not think she will now ever try 2 go out..But i thing that concerned me..she spends a lot of time in the kitchen..looking out the window & rearranging things..i was afraid she may turn the stove on as she had opened the refrigerator & not closed it i took off the knobs 2 the stove..and just 4 ssfety i have a fire extinguisher there...and i bought these portable wifi cmeras 4 every room so i can monitor her as she is quite mobile

  2. I installed alarms on our front and back doors to help me when my wife Doris starts to wonder. She sleeps with me I am a light sleeper so I can feel her movement.

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