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What factors did you consider when making long term care decisions?

What experience do you have with placing your loved one in long-term care? What factors did you consider, or what questions do you have for other caregivers?

  1. I had the most push back from his family. They don't believe he is as significantly disabled as I have experienced. They also don't want him in a nursing home, but I also care for my son who is disabled, take care of all household responsibilities including light repairs, cleaning and upkeep and have a business where I work 6 days a week. Instead of helping me, they have tried to take over his care on 2 occasions. Most recently they demanded a care team meeting so they could see what medications he is on and what the nursing home is doing for him under the pretense of "we don't get any information." (Not true.) It's been devastating and their responses have been harder to deal with than the actual caretaking.

    1. @KScall, I'm heartbroken to hear that you are dealing with family that is giving you push back. Family can be so challenging and make this already extremely difficult situation harder. You have a lot on your plate and it is understandable that you have made the decisions you have for your loved one. Know in your heart that you are doing the best you can given this situation. We are not going to please everyone and they are not in your exact same shoes. You are not alone. This community cares for you. Reach out anytime. We will listen and support you in anyway we can. Blessings and Peace, Kristin Martin, Community Moderator

    2. I just ran across your post. Just wondering how you are doing. You are dealing with so much. Just know we care here at if you have some time please reach back out. Just Keep Swimming...Lynn Marie, Alzheimer's Team Member"

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