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Need advice!!

Hi. My FIL is 85 and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 5 years ago. His progression had been pretty slow but seems to have sped up recently. He lives in a memory care facility. He is having a lot of trouble falling. He’s actually currently in the hospital because of a bad fall he took a few days ago. They discovered he was pretty dehydrated so they’ve been just watching him and giving him fluids. He’s pretty confused most of the time and talks to himself a lot. But he does seem to still have a lot of abilities as well. He gets dressed and joins the other residents for his meals three times a day. I guess I wondered, as this seems to be progressing and now he seems to be having more cognitive issues as well as physical balance issues, what happens next? He also has not been to see the specialist he originally saw when he was diagnosed. He went back one time but my mother-in-law has not taken him back again. Would a visit to the Alzheimer’s doctor help with symptom progression? We just aren’t really sure what needs to be done to help. Any suggestions or advice are so welcomed!!

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